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New Year's Retreat 2016

Zhinay, or Calm Abiding, will be taught during the New Year Retreat. The practice is the essential underpinning of all other meditation practices. While our minds are busy and distracted by a myriad of disconnected thoughts, feelings, and emotions, it is not possible to deeply engage the meditation methods which could lead us to the intended result of directly recognizing the nature of mind. Zhinay is a direct method for learning to let the mind rest naturally, free of our commitment to the tyranny of these distractions.

This short, two-day retreat will provide participants an opportunity to learn how to meditate using a few of the many methods available, to explore in open discussion how we can carry this meditation into our daily affairs and, vice versa, our daily affairs into our meditation. In short, we will take this opportunity to explore how we can integrate our spiritual path into the rest of our life, laying the ground for them to become completely inseparable.

This retreat is for beginning and experienced meditators regardless of background.

Thursday, December 31, 2015 - 9:00am to Friday, January 1, 2016 - 6:00pm

Buy Once, Gift Twice

The holidays are fast approaching, and even though we may not have a Buddhist holiday to celebrate, most of us find the need to purchase gifts for friends and family. Buy once and gift twice allows us to achieve two goals at the same time—provide a meaningful gift to a loved one and support KCC!

KCC’s expanded Dharma Store now offers gift items with just this idea in mind. We have beautiful beeswax candles, hand made in Eugene, in various sizes. For children, we offer Buddha at Bedtime: Tales of Love and and Wisdom for you to read with your child. The artistry of KCC’s own Sanje Elliott graces our Sacred Images of Tibet wall calendar. For your favorite practitioner, we have a wide assortment of malas and practice items in all price ranges, as well as beautiful warm prayer shawls. If you browse our books, you are sure to find something to inspire.

For stocking stuffers, may we suggest our newly arrived incense, or one of seven varieties of organic, free-trade chocolate. We have beautifully illustrated Kwan Yin travel-size journals and engagement calendars from Tim Campbell's company, Amber Lotus, and unique wrist malas and bracelets. Also, there are one-of-a-kind mani stones lovingly gold-painted by Sanje with the compassion mantra, OM Ma Ni Pe Me Hung. 

Milarepa Tsok

In the Tibetan tradition, Tsok is a ritual offering expressing gratitude to teachers and the lineage. It is an opportunity to repair and renew our sacred commitments or vows. A Tsok is often offered following a retreat, such as Mahamudra. This has been the tradition for us at KCC, since beginning the annual Mahamudra Retreats in 1997.

While there are other Tsok practices, in our tradition, it is the Milarepa Tsok that is most commonly offered. “Milarepa is a great inspiration and one of my spiritual heroes,” says Julie. “He was a real person struggling with his demons. He was an outlaw, murdered members of his family, committed awful actions with black magic. He became powerfully motivated to turn his path around. In the process, he suffered enormously and was suicidal before working his way out of his darkness and eventually becoming a great yogi and renowned teacher...It required the most profound devotion to his teacher and the path. There’s a model for me! Besides, he's the subject of so many great stories.”

Friday, December 11, 2015 (All day)
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