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A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Board Liaison Description

Board Liaison Job Description (June 2009)

A Board Liaison is a member of the Board who maintains the formal contact or connection
between the Board of Directors and a specific committee. Board Liaisons are appointed by the
Board of Directors, and Board will review liaison assignments once a year. The primary role of
a Board Liaison is to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and the committee

The responsibilities of a Board Liaison are:
1. To attend both Board meetings and the assigned committee’s meetings on a regular basis.
2. To carry information, questions, and feedback between the two bodies at the request of
those groups.
3. To consider and inquire whether discussions that occur during meetings should be raised
with the other group, even when the Board or committee has not suggested a formal
communication take place.
4. When sharing information, to be clear whether they are making a formal, requested
communication from the other group or simply offering their personal observations and
experience of the meetings they have attended.

Communication Process
1. The Board and each committee assigned a liaison will implement a standard procedure to
determine during their meetings whether there is anything they would like the Board
Liaison to communicate to the other group on their behalf, and how they would like that
communication to take place.
a. If the communication or request for input is not time-sensitive, then the Board Liaison
will raise the issue at the next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Board and/or
b. If the communication or request for input is time-sensitive or requires special
handling for any reason, the group requesting the communication will agree with the
Board Liaison on an alternate timetable and communication method, including the
date by which the group is requesting a response from the other body.
c. If either the Board or the committee cannot provide a response to the Board Liaison
within the proposed timetable, that group is responsible for communicating, via the
Board Liaison, when a response can be provided.
2. The communication assigned to the Board Liaison, the timeline, and the method of
communication will be recorded in the minutes of the Board or committee.
3. A Board Liaison may at any time request designated time on the Board’s or committee’s
agenda in order to achieve adequate consideration of an issue or question.
This policy should not be construed as preventing any committee member from approaching
Board members or attending board meetings under their own auspices.