Kagyu Changchub Chuling

A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Dana at Retreats

Policy for Dana at Retreats


Dana comes from an Asian tradition that the teachings are given without charge, but people may want to make offerings in gratitude for having received the teachings.

During orientation, the Retreat Manager (RM) should announce that dana baskets will be put out toward the end of the retreat.

Tax deductibility issues

--Checks (or cash) to KCC, with "Lama Support" in the memo are tax deductible.

Currently, these contribute toward the salary that KCC pays Michael. but they do not increase his salary.

--Dana directly to the teacher (whether cash or check) is not tax deductible.

It can be in the form of cash, or checks written directly to the teacher.

Dana is not requested for the cooks at an SCOL Retreat.

They are being paid a stipend.  If someone wishes to offer them something directly that is between them and the cook(s).  No need for the RM to announce this, but good to know in case someone asks.

End of Retreat

Baskets are set out on the next-to-last day of retreat, along with offering envelopes for those who want them. 

If there are no signs explaining the tax deductibility issues and how to make out checks, RM will have to create signs. 

RM should collect all dana.

1. Give each Teacher the dana that was collected directly for them.

These will be cash or checks only—no credit card transactions.

2. Make sure “Lama Support” and Retreat Code are in memo of checks to KCC and on credit card slips for Lama Support

3. Cash donations to Lama Support should be totaled and clearly identified.

4. Deposit all donations to Lama Support in the red donation box at KCC