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Imago Coach Job Description

Imago Coach Job Description

(Board May 2009)

The purpose of a coach is to improve communication between KCC members working on committees.  This can include communication between individual committee members, general communication between distinct committees or communication between committee members and an outside consultant.  The coaches would facilitate meetings specifically designed to improve listening, reflecting and empathizing skills.  The objective of the coach role is to bring greater understanding to each individual position, and to encourage genuine empathy and cooperation between parties.  

The coach may choose to teach and use the Imago technique or another listening and reflecting technique.  Selection of specific techniques used to enhance communication requires Board approval.  Coaches should be prepared to commit to this role for a two year period and will need to work with each other to standardize both an approach to coaching and the methods used.  The time required to learn or review the Imago technique is estimated to be between 2-6 hours.  This training will be offered to the initial coaching group by people proficient in the technique, but coaches will be responsible for training committee members seeking their help and for training future coaches.  Actual coaching time per month will vary but is likely between 2 to 4 hours.  

Coaches whose skills have matured will be encouraged to work individually with committee members or on committee issues, but initially coaches will work in teams.  Authorization to work as a solo coach will come from the VSC.  After a coaching team works with a conflict or issue, the VSC will solicit feedback from the participants regarding the coaching experience.

The coach role is limited to implementing strategies or systems specific to enhancing dialog between individuals or to improving lines of communication between committees.  Coaches are not authorized to provide individual or group counseling services, to give spiritual advice, or to problem solve specific committee assignment challenges.  Individuals interested in becoming a coach will require approval and authorization from the VSC.