Kagyu Changchub Chuling

A center for the practice and study of Vajrayana Buddhism founded by His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Bokar International Yidam Program in Mirik, India

Event Leader: 
Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche
Bokar Monastery, Mirik, India


We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Bokar International Yidam Seminar will be held at the Bokar Monastery in Mirik, West Bengal, India, on Tuesday, October 29 (6:00am) to Thursday, November 7 (7:00am), 2019.

This seminar offers access to the second phase of Bokar Rinpoche's Mahamudra Program and gives practitioners the opportunity to progressively engage in all the stages of yidam practice (deity meditation)— the signature meditation method of Vajrayana Buddhism.  The instructions presented in these biennial seminars along with the program of personal practice create a firm foundation for effective practice of the outer, inner and secret levels of the meditation. We encourage any interested sangha who have met the criteria below to attend this year.
The Yidam seminar is open to students who have participated in Bokar Rinpoche's Mahamudra Program for at least five years and have completed at least 50,000 of each of the preliminary practices (ngondro). Participants should come with the aspiration to take the yidam practice as a life long practice. 

In case anyone would be interested, Lama Eric let us know that Gyaltsab Rinpoche is giving empowerments prior to the seminar in Ralang, Sikkim Oct 7-20.  The series of empowerments is called "Knowing One Thing That Liberates All" and includes a large number of well known practices such as Green Tara, Manjushri, etc.

The registration fee for the Yidam Seminar is $170. The price does not include lodging, meals, or transportation. An optional food plan will be available through the monastery when you arrive.

If you need help finding lodging, please contact the registrar.

Please contact Peter Wood for further information.